Curated Names

Your name is your identity - let me help you make it unforgettable with our personalized services that cater to your every need.

Name Bite


Perfect for name advice, honest feedback, and help deciding between multiple name options.

5 name suggestions

24 hour turnaround

Email response from Steph

Ask me anything name related

Name Bite
Personalized Name List


From uncommon to whimsical, discover the best names for you with our expertly curated list.

10 Customized Names

Origins and Meanings

Popularity rankings

Quick Turnaround

Name List
Video Request + Name List


Bring your names to life with a customized video - tailored just for you.

Includes everything from Name List

Creative Video posted on Steph's social media

Community Feedback

Video Request
Luxury Name Experience


A luxury service that guides you through the name process.

Three video calls with Steph

Unlimited name suggestions

Personalized Name Glow Certificate

Luxury Name Experience

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