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Hi, I'm Steph, a passionate name consultant with a flair for all things whimsical. From a young age, I found myself captivated by the beauty and uniqueness of names and the stories they could tell. A person's name is one of the first things we learn about them, and oftentimes it can be a door to their personality, culture, style, or vibe. It brings me so much joy to pour over name lists, read about origins and meanings, and find the right name for every single client.

I have helped hundreds of soon-to-be parents with baby names, people looking for new first names, and even couples wanting a personalized surname. And I can help you too!

The Whimsy Factor

Whimsy is my secret ingredient in the name decision process. I believe that names should carry a touch of enchantment and make your heart skip a beat when you say them. Whether it's finding the most uncommon moniker, the strongest name meaning, or the best vintage gem, I've got you covered.

A Mom's Perspective

As a mom of three incredible children, I know firsthand the deep significance of choosing the perfect name for your child. While it can feel like an overwhelming and difficult decision, the right baby name always shows up when you need it.

Performing and Creativity

Beyond the realm of names, my heart finds solace in the performing arts. I'm a trained stage actor who also loves to be in front of a camera. My desire for creativity and imagination naturally influence the names I suggest, ensuring that every choice is as unique and special as the individuals they represent. Name consulting and content creation are intertwined and both inspire me every day.

Are you looking for assistance as you dive into the world of names? I'd be absolutely delighted to embark on this journey with you.

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